Thursday, February 12, 2009

Watchmen (Comic Book)

"1-12" (1986-1987)
Comic Book
DOWNLOAD: Chapters 01-04
DOWNLOAD: Chapters 05-08
DOWNLOAD: Chapters 09-12

Ok, so clearly this isn't music. It's a comic book series that everyone should check out... And that's being made into a movie. You'll need to get a .cbr/.cbz decoder to view them, though. Just type ".cbr reader" into your search engine and a few program websites should pop up. The series is awesome! READ!!!


  1. fucking awesoem almost forget abou this masterpiece I am curious what the movie will be!

  2. Yeah, I actually just started reading this recently. It came highly recommended and so far, everyone has been right. I hope the movie lives up to the series.

  3. I hope so too!but you know hollywood fucks everything up