Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boards of Canada - Geogaddi

Boards Of Canada
"Geogaddi" (2002)

Boards of Canada have been around for while and hail from Scotland. They released their first album about 11 years ago and have been pumping out some great stuff ever since. I listened to this shit while studying for almost every major Chemistry exam through college, and it did me no wrong. I listen to "Music Has A Right To Children" the most, but the dudes at Lucid Media already had it covered. I also really enjoy "The Campfire Headspace," but Bad Year Media had that one covered too... So I went with one of the two missing albums, Geogaddi. It's sandwiched between those other two releases and has a slightly darker feel than "Music Has A Right To Children," but just as spacy, sometimes drony, and always provides a perfect soundtrack to riding your bike at night. It is also 66:06 long (or it should be if it weren't ripped and you kept the breaks between songs in there). Anyways, check it out and I'm sure I'll geat around to uploading the "Trans Canadian Highway" EP from 2006 in the near future.

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