Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twilight - Twilight

"Twilight" (2005)

Fuck the books / movies. Twilight is an American Black Metal band that contains members of Xasthur, Leviathan, Krieg, and Nachtmystium. This is the only thing they've released and have since broken up. The vocals are heavily distorted to sound airy and demonic, albeit mostly not guttural. Instrumentally and stylistically, this release does not deviate too much from the members' other projects. It's easy to hear each member's contribution and writing style from track to track, and that is probably why it's so good. Fuck the books / movies.


  1. whooo putting out only classic stuff I see.this was my first post on my blog 2 years ago.I fucking love it and the vocals still give me the creeps!I wonder if I ever get the vinyl version of this!

  2. ahh i didn't know you were into black metal! hey, do you have any nortt or xasthur releases? all i have is the xasthur / leviathan split and the xasthur / nortt split.

  3. I think I have all of his stuff but almost all my bm stuff is on a computer thats broke but I believe I have almost 2gb!If you want I can search some links for all the releases if you want to!

    try this post :

    they have pretty much everything on here and if you want a great BM site check

    thats where I get new BM stuff!