Friday, July 10, 2009

Mob Deep - The Infamous

Mobb Deep
"The Infamous" (1995)
Hip Hop
Track List:
1. The Start Of Your Ending
2. The Infamous Prelude
3. Survival Of The Fittest
4. Eye For An Eye
5. Just Step Prelude
6. Give Up The Goods
7. Temperature's Rising
8. Up North Rip
9. Trife Life
10. Q.U. - Hectic
11. Right Back At You
12. The Grave Prelude
13. The Grave
14. Drink Away The Pain
15. Shock Ones Pt. II
16. Party Over


  1. good to see you back man!thought you were dead!and this is one of my absolute favs when it comes to hip hop!

  2. ahh thanks man! i'll slowly get back into the swing of things. i've been on a hip-hop kick lately, so there will probably be a decent amount of this stuff. i hope i can open terminal nation back up sometime soon.

  3. i hope you will do it,too!I am totally into all music styles i love hip hop,post some mid nineties stuff that would be cool!If you want you can get a members spot on my blog and post some rap,what do you think?